The Many Secrets of Whiterock

Gray in Fahamore

The party sets out a challenge to Rune
To which no response has yet been heard
They come across gray shafts in the inn
Follow them to Nolan's house
Nolan dies from Caelin's ghost
Rune escapes
Dagger taken


Back to Falmore

After an emotional, but uneventful night, Caelen attempts to reason out what to do next. The rest of the party takes the opportunity for short rest.

The party, after much useless discussion, set out for two bridges.

Upon revival, they meet Jolean the shifty bar tender.

Find out there is a local gang of the grayshaft.

They attack the grayshaft fortress and are repelled.

And run away to Whiterock?

Elves, elves, and more elves

The ideally peaceful meadow is all of a sudden flooded with Wood Elves with lots and lots arrows.

Caelen attempts to speak with elves to explain we mean no harm, but we are seeking those who destroyed a local village near the Boarswood.

"Enough have died this day" says Harvey the elf. "Leave now in peace or stay as our guests forever."

"Do you know who killed my father?"

"Many fathers died this day," Harvey said.

Angered by the death of his father, Caelen transforms into a bear and…

Charges the speaker for the elves, but at the last minute reconsiders his decision to attack in order to save his friends. Despite Caelen's aggression, the elves allow the adventurers leave the Boarswood with more questions and a deeper mystery.

Awlready lost
Into an Ambush

The party sits at a table in The Slumbering Drake and eats Cookie's famous eggs. All except one, Archibald who sits at the bar with the baker over an ale.

A group of eight guardsman enter the room and the party slips out the back.

They head out of town, meanwhile Archi heads into see Lieutenant Boles about clearing their name. Amazingly, Archi pulls it off and the party meets with Boles to discuss what happened at the bakery. Successfully cleared, they gather their wits and their new boat, The Alderrunner and head up its namesake.

On the way they notice a great blaze burning in the distance, but under cover of night only assume it to be a campfire. However, in the morning they see the large plume of smoke billowing in the far off distance. Caelin runs home, party takes the party boat, and upon arrival find that Caelin's father had fallen in battle.

Caelin runs. Finds his father's broach of office and sword and mourns the loss. Gifts in hand, he presents them to his brother, the new Principle of the Town Council. His brother sends him to his mother, who nearly dies from grief in his arms at his news.

Caelin runs. He runs to the forest and gets lost in the trees that in his anger all look the same. And leads his party into a wild elf ambush.

Cliffhanger: The party is lost in The Boarswood with elven bows aimed on their heads from every direction they look except down.

Falling in with Tradition

So the party stands bruised outside the secret door. After a quick rest, the party opens the door which reveals a long hallway. The bard sneaks down the hallway to a room that holds two QuingDa, sitting at a table, playing majhong.

The bard reports his findings to the party and the party calls out, "Ho there. What do you know about the abductions?" As they head down the hallway.

Quizzically, the now four monks look back at the PCs but they invite them in to discuss recent events. As the party questions the four about recent events, Daxson notices torchlight coming from the opposite end of the hallway. The party quickly realizes they are surrounded and outnumbered. They lay their weapons down and submit to the Tradition of the Strong.

As the Flrnk lays down his weapon, however, he picks of three small pebbles and begins singing a catchy little tune. The monks crack a smile, grab the rest of the prisoners and proceed to render them all unconscious save the singing, juggling goblin.

The next thing the party knows is they are being held prisoner within slave pens that have been set into the ground. They are at least rested from their magical slumber and the spell casters memorize what spells they can. Caelin spies an orc heading into the room to check on prisoners and brings him under a charm spell. While the orc is friendly to Caelin he makes the suggestion that he release him, his allies, and his fellow prisoners from their cells.

As the party leaves the room, they come upon the resting place of a pygmy minotaur. Combat ensues and the sounds of combat bring the remaining orc contingent quickly on the party's heels. They quickly dispatch the minotaur and seal off the doorway by placing several items in the handle barring passage.

The party quickly moves forward and comes across a room where six orcs play a game of bones. The move in quickly and take advantage of the orcs unaware. As they cut them all down, the move toward the stairway and try to make their escape.

As the party runs toward freedom they realize the upper level is held by monks. But ever brave, they fight their way through and into the fresh air beyond. That seemed like a lifetime and damn, I still have that headache.

A Tour of the Palisades
The Introductions

Character List

Daxson Belmont – Human Fighter

Roln Stonefist - Dwarven Fighter

Flrnk - Goblin Bard

Drina – Human Rogue

Archibald – Human Mage

Caelan – Human Druid

The party begins by entering the town of Whiterock and finds themeselves just inside the palisades. As they begin exploring the palisades it quickly becomes apparent that the local center of activity is the large local inn known as The Slumbering Drake. As they enter, they are welcomed by Cookie and told that there are rats that have infested the cellar and they can earn some coin by clearing them from the cellar. The party negotiates room and board x 3 days and proceeds into the cellar. After finding the inhabitants, they quickly dispatch them all and collect their tails. Cookie thanks them for their service and gives them directions on how to reach their rooms.

The next day as the party is making their way to the cemetery to investigate local disturbances, they overhear a group of thugs extorting protection money from the local baker and his wife. Daxson heads up to the lookout and tells him that he needs the lookout to punch him in the face. After the thug obliges Daxson with a well placed fist to the nose, Flrnk rushes in to get a closer look. Flrnk comes face to face with a large half-orc member of the local theives guild and casts Friends. The half-orc looks with friendly eyes upon the goblin bard. The thug's ally purveys the situation and realizes there is magic at work. He takes a swing at the bard, who beats a hasty retreat. However, just after he leaves, the rogue rushes in and finds herself in between two members of the local thieves' guild. Three well places attacks drop Drina and she lies bleeding out on the floor. Caelan follows the rogue in and finds himself outmatched. He is also felled with a well placed blow only to be revived through Flrnk's healing magic. However, Flrnk is not quick enough to leave the room before taking a vicious blow and he also now lies on the floor. Caelan stands, and casts thunderwave damaging the two enemies as well as sending Flrnk flying out the front door. 

Meanwhile, outside, Archibald has cast sleep putting the lookout into an unconscious state and looks up to realize the entire scene is being observed by a bowman on the top floor of the building across the street. So as not to incur any more casualties, he also casts a successful sleep spell on the bowman posted across the street. Roln takes this opportunity to split the sleeping lookout in twain. He then positions himself outside the front door waiting for either of the two villains to make their way outside and is surprised to find that instead of them coming out to meat him, they quickly shut the front door. Daxson recovers the body of the goblin and quickly binds his bleeding wounds so as to prevent his death.

With the obstacle of the shut door in between the two parties, the leader of gang begins negotiations and offers the party their fallen allies in exchange for letting the villains escape. The party accepts his offer and allows the villains to leave. After quickly making sure the baker and his wife are safe. The party learns that the Baker's daughter has been kidnapped but then notices that the town guard has been alerted and are on their way to scene. They quickly make an escape, all except Archibald who stays behind to sample the wares.

The town guard questions the Baker while Archibald stands by and when they are satisfied with the answers provided by the Baker, the town guard and Archibald go their separate ways.

The party spends the afternoon and evening recuperating from their wounds and decide they will once again attempt to see what is going on in the cemetery. Heading out during the morning, they find the gate to the cemetery locked with a town guard posted at the entrance. After negotiating a price for which the guardsman will leave his post, the party quickly makes their way to a suspicious looking mausoleum. Inside they find several skeletons with bows and swords awaiting their arrival.

Bravely the party vanquishes the undead and a quick search of the room reveals a secret passage leading beyond the chamber.

Will the party explore the entrance and passage beyond, or will they feel as though their luck may be running short and regroup.

Find out next time…


A Brief Primer on Whiterock
The current situation

Welcome adventurer to the white walled city of Whiterock.

What is Whiterock you may ask and that is a fair question. Whiterock is a city that lies just south of the Golden Road and a halfway point between the city of Sersala and Virtos. Small by comparison to these two cities, Whiterock has struggled with growing pains as it lies almost exactly a days hard ride away from these two cities. As a result, many caravans make their stop to the north of town where luxury (comparatively speaking to what is available on the road) awaits the weary traveler.

You are welcome to make your way around the outskirts of town, but be aware that the city proper is walled off with shut gate. There are many reasons people speculate, but those most notable are as follows:

1. There have been a rash of recent disappearances about town. Many of those whose families do not have means have recently lost their way home at night. Some say that there are kidnappings others say that many before have joined up with traveling caravans to see the world. Needless to say, the more well to do who live within the walls would like to keep either the ne'er do wells out whether they be merchant or criminal. Either would do anything for a silver piece.

2. The local thieves guild, The Black Legion, has been known to have built many inroads into the city and regularly cause "trouble" outside the city walls. Surely closing off the city to the shenanigans that abound outside the walls will keep the grasp of The Black Legion at bay.

3. The cemetery, which is located in the periphery of Whiterock, has recently been having some strange occurrences. Many have reported ominous sounds emanating from the cemetery. Others claim to have seen ghosts floating about the cemetery grounds. For this reason, the cemetery is also closed off at night as much as possible. Many track widely around the area, especially at night, to avoid any mishaps. Although none have been reported as of yet, surely it is only a matter of time before some manner of creature finds its ways beyond the gates of Cemetery Whiterock.

4. Additionally, there is a bulletin board posting assorted jobs for those who have the might of sword or spell to make a quick gold piece. This is located just outside the city walls at the largest inn within the palisade known as The Slumbering Drake.

Good luck, adventurers and may the light show you your path to whatever you seek.


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