Caelan Ò Sè

Naive human druid



Caelan – “KAY-len”
Tattoos on Right Arm on and Shoulder.
Quarterstaff with Celtic band carvings on top and bottom.
Green and earth tone clothing.

LvL: 1 AC: 16 HP:10

I has spells. Soons I be animals.


I am from the small town of Fahamore outside of Whiterock. I grew up in what was considered to be a rather large family in Fahamore as the third of four children. My parents are Ailin(Father) and Ciara (Mother) Ó Sé. I grew up with my eldest brother Nolan, my older sister Eileen and my younger brother Owen. I spent most of my childhood and younger years happy and content in our small town. We worked as farmers and worked the land and my father worked diligently to purchase the local tavern (The Drunken Duck) and put my oldest brother in charge of running it. After lots of hard work and sacrifice, my father was eventually asked to sit on the town council and we were expected to carry ourselves accordingly….as the family of a council member.
I have always had a fascination with the wild, with the forest, with wildlife and with spending as much time as I could in it. Whenever I could I would catch creatures and small animals. I had a knack for befriending them. My mother would say I was meant to “be with those creatures”, when she saw me observing a new animal. She would usually say it when I was getting in trouble for being gone all day. Especially when I was supposed to be working or doing something for my father. I am impulsive and maybe spending so much time in the wild made me this way but if something interests me I tend to just go for it. Life is meant to be experienced, but not everyone agrees with that. I had a lot learn then, and still so much more to learn now.

This attitude towards life caused me and my father and a lot of times my brother to constantly be at odds, and by the time my 15th name day arrived me and Nolan had come to blows. Which of course does not look good on a council member. My father immediately sided with Nolan, honestly rightfully so, but I didn’t see it that way then. I was furious and spoke to my father saying words I refuse to recount now… unjust cruel words. He did not deserve them. He responded by striking me and telling me to leave. The gods and my mother maybe both had a plan that night , but she brought me to a “friend”, to a man just outside of town who was known as a healer and a grump. He was known for being concerned and complained often to the council about the unhealthy felling of trees and killing of animals near town but the council barely ever listened to him if I remember correctly. I was happy to be rid of my father that night and would have joined a band of Tieflings if they would have had me, so it didn’t take much to convince me. I left my home that night angry and confused to live and work as an apprentice to Lochlann Ó Súilleabháin.

He didn’t talk for 3 weeks, just grunted and threw things at me. In that time I witnessed the use of what I would later learn to be nature magic. He cured animals and manipulated the earth, he even bent fire. I was amazed and frightened all at once. At times he seemed more beast then man.

That didn’t change much over the next ten years, my Archdruid, a human way older than he looked loved being a bear. Those ten years passed quickly, and I learned to play chess, “I need to slow down” he said almost growling every time we played. I learned the basics of tracking, healing and listening to Mielikki and nature itself. My last 5 years where my most memorable. I got my tattoos, my connection to the earth and its elements, my Triskele.

I learned to channel elemental power and use that power to heal and defend myself when necessary. My Archdruid must have been a soldier in a prior life, I was taught to fight with shield and staff and use the earths magic as power to fuel my life and my staff. He told me often I was a fast learner, but reminded even more often I was not the fastest he had ever seen.

One uneventful morning while we prepared to clean up camp he told me grumpily, I was “done” and to be a “good druid” he turned into a hawk and flew away. I took a chess piece to remember the old bear and packed my things to see what I can see in this big world. I am not ready to go home yet. I have much to learn.

I hope I cross paths again with my old Archdruid, and may Mielikki guide my way!

Caelan Ò Sè

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