The Many Secrets of Whiterock


Falling in with Tradition

So the party stands bruised outside the secret door. After a quick rest, the party opens the door which reveals a long hallway. The bard sneaks down the hallway to a room that holds two QuingDa, sitting at a table, playing majhong.

The bard reports his findings to the party and the party calls out, "Ho there. What do you know about the abductions?" As they head down the hallway.

Quizzically, the now four monks look back at the PCs but they invite them in to discuss recent events. As the party questions the four about recent events, Daxson notices torchlight coming from the opposite end of the hallway. The party quickly realizes they are surrounded and outnumbered. They lay their weapons down and submit to the Tradition of the Strong.

As the Flrnk lays down his weapon, however, he picks of three small pebbles and begins singing a catchy little tune. The monks crack a smile, grab the rest of the prisoners and proceed to render them all unconscious save the singing, juggling goblin.

The next thing the party knows is they are being held prisoner within slave pens that have been set into the ground. They are at least rested from their magical slumber and the spell casters memorize what spells they can. Caelin spies an orc heading into the room to check on prisoners and brings him under a charm spell. While the orc is friendly to Caelin he makes the suggestion that he release him, his allies, and his fellow prisoners from their cells.

As the party leaves the room, they come upon the resting place of a pygmy minotaur. Combat ensues and the sounds of combat bring the remaining orc contingent quickly on the party's heels. They quickly dispatch the minotaur and seal off the doorway by placing several items in the handle barring passage.

The party quickly moves forward and comes across a room where six orcs play a game of bones. The move in quickly and take advantage of the orcs unaware. As they cut them all down, the move toward the stairway and try to make their escape.

As the party runs toward freedom they realize the upper level is held by monks. But ever brave, they fight their way through and into the fresh air beyond. That seemed like a lifetime and damn, I still have that headache.


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